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TOHO Seed Beads!

11/0 700+ colors
15/0 260+ colors
8/0 440+ colors
6/0 200+ colors
1.5mm Cubes
3mm Cubes
4mm Cubes
Cylinder Beads
One-G Thread

Fire Polished Beads:  Antique  Cathedral  Donut  Drops  Fluted  Renaissance  Rondelles  Round 
Lampwork:  Cushion  Cylinder  Drops  Flowers  Gold Foil  Hearts  Leaves  Ovals  Round  Silver Foil  Special Order  Squares 
Pressed Glass Beads:  Leaf  Animals  Bicone  Cubes  Daggers  Donut  Drops  Flowers  Fruit  Hearts  Mixes  Rondelles  Round  Shells  Stars  Two-Hole 
Czech Crystal:  Bicone  Round  Spacers  Tear Drop 
Rhinestone Findings:  Balls  Bridges  Half Moons  Rondelles  Rose Montees  Squaredelles 
Glass Pearls:  Cubes  Fire Polish  Nuggets  Pearl Lights  Round  Snail Shells  Tear Drops  Unique Shapes  Whirl Rounds 
Table Cut:  Diamonds  Drops  Hearts  Ovals  Polished Rectangles 
TOHO Seed Beads:  Artistry Kits  Elegant Kits  8/0  11/0  15/0  Color Matrix 
Starman Finial eBook Download a free copy of the e-book guide by Melinda Barta on how to use the Starman Finial beads. Discover tips and tricks on using these half-drilled beads that are perfect for any wireworking project. [More]
Tulip eBook Download The Essential Guide to the History, Art, and Use of Hiroshima Needles
tips & tricks for beading, handstitching, knitting, crocheting, & needle felting.

Curated by Melinda Barta and the Tulip Brand Company of Hiroshima, Japan.
This book was written for handcrafting enthusiasts who enjoy beading, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, and needle felting.[More]

CzechMates Technique Guide Download your free copy of the latest e-book by Nichole Starman. Expand the architectural possibilities of your designs by incorporating these essential stitching methods. [More]
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